Noteworthy tools

There are some tools that make my job as a Product Owner much easier. My Top 10 and a bonus one:


Jira – a very powerful tool for managing the backlog. There are plenty of integrations and extensions available. jira-logo

Designing wireframes

Balsamiq Mockups – for sketching user interfaces. Many UI elements ready to drag & drop and you can add your own too. balsamiq-logo

Prototyping – for creating fully interactive hi-res prototypes, which can be tested on any device and look & feel like a real app. Great customer service. protoio_logo

Flow charts

Lucid Chart – an easy way of creating and sharing flowchart diagrams.



Evernote – for taking notes (and much more). Notes can be combined with images and other UI elements. Works on any device as an app and as a website. Excellent speed of search.



Trello Board – great for to-do lists, sharing ideas and roadmaps. Might be even used as a backlog. Works as a website and an app.


Team communication

Slack – a tool to organise team communication into channels. Great for remote teams. slack-logo

File sharing

Dropbox – for storing and sharing files in the cloud. Works on any device and synchronises seamlessly.



Prezi – to wow the audience with animated slides. Many templates ready to use. prezi_horizontal

Image editor

Pixelmator – powerful, easy and beautiful image editor for Mac.


 Documents, spreadsheets, slides etc.

Google Apps for Work  – for creating any kind of documents. Simple and easy to share, available from anywhere. google-for-work-new-logo

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