Public speaking

Legacy Land

July 2017, London – Product Tank


What is good like

January 2017, Manchester – PWD Digital event

March 2017, Birmingham – Agile in the City

July 2017, Falmouth – Agile on the Beach

How to overcome communication challenges in a team

September 2016, Cambridge – Agile Cambridge


Think Product

September 2016, Hatfield – Ocado Technology


Keep personas alive

September 2016, Cambridge – UX Cambridge
November 2016, London – JAM London

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Credit for the sketchnotes: Westley Knight

Pragmatic Forum

June 2016, London – Pragmatic Product Forum


Product owner meets the users

June 2016, Krakow – Soap!

A story about how meeting users helped develop a better product.

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Shut up and listen!

October 2015, Krakow – Product Development Days
October 2015, Krakow – AleKrakow

Existing assumptions don’t tend to be questioned. This is our story about how we discover things that we didn’t know, that we didn’t know about our users. How does it shape our brand new product? You will hear about lessons we have learned when working with our users.


The user is always right(?)

August 2015 – Ocado Technology Poland

Is the user always right? I am describing some ways how to find it out.

ocado - the user is always right

User Personas (workshop)

August 2015 – Ocado Technology Poland
September 2015 – Ocado Technology UK
October 2015 – Product Development Days

This is a great opportunity for people who have heard about User Personas concept, but never had a chance to practice. During this workshop we discuss research methods and their limitations, and we carry out a customer segmentation exercise, looking for patterns that enable to group similar people together into types of users. Working in small teams, we are discovering and prioritizing customer needs and create a set of User Personas.